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21-Jul-2021 | 3 min read

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Coaches Are ALWAYS Watching You

With more and more college coaches heading off to high school tournaments this winter and spring to scout and recruit prospective players, this is the perfect time to discuss your character both on and off the pitch.

1.     Are you prepared? – Are you the player who shows up to a game late, missing a mouthguard, or is still getting taped when everyone else is already running a lap? These small things point to a much larger issue and one that a college coach may not want to run the risk of. If you already have these bad habits now, will they turn into a bigger issue in college? (e.g., Will you miss the bus? Will you miss class?)

2.     Are you supportive of your teammates? – Are you the player who gets angry at the teammate who mishandled your pass? Or, are you someone who pats them on the back and says, “it’ll be ok, we’ll get the next one”? You don’t have to be the designated captain to be a leader on the field. Coaches are always looking for someone who will add positivity to their team!

3.     How do you treat the ref? – If you are a player who constantly talks back to the ref, the assistant refs, or even other parents, you are a huge problem waiting to happen. Also, if a coach sees you getting a yellow or red card, they quickly learn what kind of player you may be under pressure.

4.     How do you act on the sideline? – What happens if you aren’t a starter? Do you sit on the bench and sulk, or do you actively cheer on and support your teammates, ready to go in as soon as the coach calls your number? How you act when you are NOT on the pitch is just as important as how you act when your hands are on the ball.

5.     How do you act at the end of the game? – Win or lose, do you shake your opponent’s hand sincerely? Do you stay around to help your coaches break down the field? Do you console teammates who may be upset over a loss? Even if the game is over, your behaviour is a testament to your character and something that many college coaches will keep an eye on.

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