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Access to our custom-build digital scholarship platform.

Review and compare US colleges and universities.

Build personal profile and upload performance footage.

Apply for college scholarships.


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Working with our highly experienced team of consultants

Athlete marketing & promotion to extensive network of US college coaches

Support in sourcing academic scholarship and funding options

Advise and support on navigating the eligibility regulations

Interact and build relationships with college coaches

Support and advice on navigating the admissions tests and exams

Converting your UK education results into US equivalent for application

Support in preparing your university application to each US college/university

On-going support and communication throughout the full tenure of your education

Assistance in preparing and applying for your US study visa

An enhanced profile with added verification status visible to coaches in the US


Helping you find sporting opportunities after you graduate.

£ 10,500
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Official on-campus guided visit with talent management consultant in the US (flights/travel paid).

Assisting with your preparation to sit the standardised SAT tests

Official athlete brand creation and development via creative partners Varsity Six

Consultancy on new NIL policy and first endorsement deal through FirstPoint

Preparing and developing a bespoke coach communication strategy